A Bustling Community in Nanjing


Cities in China are definitely some of the busiest, most populated areas in the whole world and Nanjing is no exception. Luckily, my community is away from most of the typical hustle and bustle of business centers like Beijing and Shanghai. I have grown to love my college town centered around the older campus of Nanjing University. I say older because Nanjing University actually has three separate campuses! Mine is a smaller campus but that is not to say that there are less students here.

Many of the shops and restaurants around the area are catered to the college crowd and I have learned what the differences are between a college town back in the U.S. and here.

What community need did I learn about?:

Nanjing University is a special community. With Nanjing University being a renowned university in China, I definitely see a lot of students from different kinds of backgrounds studying here. There are also many international students coming from all over the world, including Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Russia and the United States. With such diversity in the community, a diverse set of needs has to be met. Many of these needs come down to different modes of transportation that are ready and available, different shops and restaurants that can cater to all different kinds of tastes and moods and other necessary services like garbage collection, banks and atms, study areas, etc.