The Land of the Great River


The city of Nanjing and Jiangsu province as a whole was one of the historically richest regions in China because of its vicinity to the Yangtze River. This led the city to be the capital of China for seven dynasties. Since the region of Jiangsu is in central China, it is an important hub for people living in the north and south to gather. Many of the most important events that happened every year took place in Nanjing, like the yearly entrance exams or crowning of new emperors.

What makes this environment special or different?:

The environment of Jiangsu is special for its natural resources and fresh air. There are a lot of bodies of water that help grow the greenery in the region. With the Yangtze River being the main source, many other bodies of water have come about from it. Compared to other regions of China, Jiangsu is the only area with such a vast amount of fresh water to utilize. This led to early development of farming in China's long history, leading to an economic boom in early civilization. People of ancient times said that the area of Nanjing had a certain aura to it that led to an influx of influential people coming from the region, and this idea has continued into modern times. Many leaders have designated Nanjing as their final resting place.