Nanjing is in Bloom!


Nanjing is a city rich in traditional and natural environments. Every spring, hundreds of people gather at the many parks and scenic points scattered throughout the city to see the flowers and trees in bloom. Nature has always been an important part of Chinese culture. If you look at any traditional Chinese paintings, you will find that many are focused on the natural world.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The plants I want to focus on are the Chinese willow tree and the cherry blossom tree. Both of these trees start growing leaves and/or flowers back again when spring comes. These two species are usually the focal point of any Chinese park or garden here in Nanjing. The Chinese willow, otherwise known as the weeping willow, can be identified by its long, graceful, cascading branches and slender leaves. For the cherry blossom trees, when spring comes, their blossoms bloom in lovely shades of pink and white.

How did I feel when I saw it?:

When I first saw the willow tree, it gave me a sense of calmness. The way the willow tree droops down with its long narrow leaves and branches gives people a sense of stillness in the world around them. In China, this tree symbolizes humility because it looks like it is bowing down. It is also a symbol of immortality and rebirth.