A Bustling Community in Nanjing

Why does the community have this need?:

The community has this need because, although a large part of the population is college students, the town also has a lot of other families and elderly citizens. There also have to be services to cater to this part of the population, such as weekly food stamps and other free resources for the elderly. This community near the university is one of the most diverse groups here in Nanjing.

Is this need being met? How?:

Many of the needs of the community are being met by having a lot of diverse restaurants to choose from. For example, I noticed there is a high concentration of Korean restaurants here, partly because there is also a large population of Korean international students coming to study abroad. Anyone that is visiting the university will definitely find something that suits their tastes! Along with a high density of restaurants in the area, there is also a high density of cafes. This does not just include Starbucks, but a lot of local cafes, many with their own themes. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, there is a Harry Potter-themed cafe, or if you are a pet lover, there are cat and corgi cafes nearby as well! The community is also one of the safest communities in terms of traffic. The roads are wide and open and the more narrow alleys are also well-maintained. Finally, there is also a presence of government officials that do work so that also seems to make the community safer as a result. Just further down, there is a large shopping center, a good indicator of the community's thriving economy.

Nanjing, China