Until Next Time, Portugal!

Lisbon Portugal
38.722252400000, -9.139336600000
Journal Entry:

When I arrived in Portugal eight months ago, I knew only a handful of people in the country. I had left my family and friends behind and all of a sudden, I had to speak a language that I had not practiced in three years. I was lonely and a bit lost. Every day, something new would hit me in the face, and I would have to learn how to adjust.

Now, there are moments when I feel quite at home here. I know how to walk around the city without a map and can give other people directions. But sometimes, there are still moments when I get turned around and need help. This year, I have learned a lot about asking for help. In a foreign country, sometimes it is hard just to go grocery shopping or step out the front door. I had to ask a lot of strangers for directions and advice. When I go home, I hope that I will be able to help other people just as much.

In these past few weeks, the hardest part has been saying goodbye to so many people I have met. Some were people I worked with like my professors and mentors who helped me with my research. Just today, I had a farewell picnic with friends I had met at different parts of the year and all over the city. I am lucky that in just a few short months, I was able to make so many good friends.