Leilani's Journey to Portugal

Current Location

Lisbon Portugal

Olá! Hello! My name is Leilani and I can't wait to share my adventures in Lisbon, Portugal. Follow me as I meet new people, try new foods, and explore the museums and mountains of the country!


Last week, I met my family in the Azores, an island archipelago in the Atlantic that is a part of Portugal. The scenery was breathtaking and the fresh air made for a nice change from the city.


There is a saying in Portuguese, "não há dois sem três," or "there is not two without three." Since I have now been to Portugal two times, who knows when I will be back for my third time!

Field Notes

Have you ever eaten Goldfish or seen a Build-a-Bear? You might not have known it, but both of these companies were started by women! This year, I learned about women business owners in Portugal. 


This year, I have tried to record a video every day so that I can remember the different sights and experiences that I have had throughout the year. What images or sounds stand out most to you?