Danger of Biking Without Helmets


I've already told you guys about biking in the Netherlands and how everyone here rides bikes. I've even seen little kids as young as three-years-old riding little tricycles down the street. But what you almost never see is people riding bikes wearing a helmet because they say it's "safe" here. Think about that as you keep reading!

What community need did I learn about?:

People here never wear helmets when biking, even young kids. Growing up in the United States, my parents always told me "make sure you wear a helmet when you get on your bike." But when I walk around here, no one wears them. To me, that seems really unsafe. Even though there are more bikes than cars here, you just never know what could happen. So, I would like you guys to think about we could get people, especially kids, to wear helmets even if they think they don't need them.

Why does the community have this need?:

As I already said, there are more bikes than cars, so really, it is safer to bike here, in general. It is especially safer to bike in the Netherlands than it is in the United States because people are way more used to bikers being everywhere here. But, still, no one wears helmets. I asked a few friends, and they just said they don't need them, they've never been in an accident and really don't see the point.