Kajal's Journey to the Netherlands

Current Location

Maastricht Netherlands

Hi! I'm Kajal, and I am studying legal psychology in one of the southernmost cities in the Netherlands: Maastricht. It is a small city, but one with years of history and culture!


I'm going to share with you about the geography of the Netherlands and what the country is like. I've actually been back in Chicago for the last few days and was in Portland for a conference too.


This is going to be my last Reach the World post for all of you. I hope that you've enjoyed following along on my journey, and I wish all of you the best!

Field Notes

Because you guys are going to start your UPLift program soon, I want you think about how we can make biking safer.


Rotterdam was bombed during World War II by the Germans, which meant that almost the entire city has been rebuilt. This means that Rotterdam looks much more modern than many other Dutch cities!