My Spring Break!


The first stop on my journey was to Porto, Portugal!
Many of the buildings in Porto are covered in different colored ceramic tiles; I thought that all of the buildings were beautiful to look at and I spent many hours just walking around!
The Lello Bookstore is one of the oldest in Portugal; JK Rowling frequently visited this bookstore when she was teaching in Portugal, and it was part of what inspired her to write the Harry Potter series!
I love bookstores, and the inside of this one is absolutely gorgeous; so many people visit this bookstore that there's actually two different lines you have to wait in just to get inside!
I was hoping to spend a day at the beach in Portugal, but the weather was way crazier than I was expecting! I walked along the beach despite the wind and spurts of hail!
I wandered through the most beautiful park that I have ever seen located at the Serralves Cultural Center; there was a huge pond, farm animals, a forest and plenty of places to duck underneath when the rain inevitably started up again!
This was my favorite meal that I had on my trip! It's called a Francesinha, which is the Portuguese version of a grilled cheese filled with ham, sausage and steak and smothered in a spicy tomato sauce.
A close second favorite was this kale and potato soup that I actually ordered two bowls of for dinner one night!