Jade's Journey to Malta

Current Location


Hi! I'm Jade, and I'm currently living and teaching on the Mediterranean island country of Malta! I can't wait to tell you all about this incredible place and culture. Let's go!


One of my best friends is currently getting her Master's Degree from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, so I went to visit her for a week!


It's never too late to start traveling the world, and there's no "correct way" to do it. I hope that you are inspired to continue exploring the world and the cultures of others as I have been doing.

Field Notes

Many NGOs (non-government organizations or nonprofits) and churches in Malta have started programs to support those who cannot afford the rising cost of living here.


In six days, I had planned to visit two different countries, but ended up visiting a third! Find out what countries I visited, what attractions I saw, and what I ate while on my spring break!