Into the Life of Aishwarya


Aishwarya (pronounced Eye-shwair-ee-ah) is a lovely 11-year-old girl (turning 12 soon!) in 7th grade. I met her because she is the daughter of Roopa (pronounced Roo-pah), my lab adviser's maid, who often also helps me take care of hoverflies in the lab. I sat down to interview Aishwarya alongside Roopa to find out more about their lives.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

Aishwarya eats typical South Indian fare, including rice, lentils and dosa. Like me, she does not like eating idlis (pronounced id-lees), which are steamed rice cakes. She also usually does not enjoy sweets, although she sometimes eats laddoos (pronounced luh-doos), which are spherical Indian sweets made from flour, butter and sugar.

What is your house like?:

Aishwarya lives in Bangalore with her mother, father, younger sister and younger brother, in a house that is quite close to the National Centre for Biological Sciences, where I work. Her house is made of bricks and has two bedrooms along with a pooja room, where her family conducts Hindu religious rituals. Aishwarya shares her bedroom with her brother and sister, and they often fight over blankets and pillows just like I remember doing when I grew up sharing a bedroom with my brother in the United States!