Interview with Birgit


Last week, I returned to Allensbach to interview a member of my original host family in Germany. The whole family was very inviting to Jenny and me during our stay with them.

What is your full name?:

"Birgit von Neumann."

Where do you live? What is your house like?:

"We are living at 18 Metnaublick, Allensbach, in the state of Baden-Würtemburg. We live in a duplex apartment with three floors at the edge of our village."

What is your family like?:

"There are three of us in the immediate family. There is myself [Birgit], my husband Frank and our son Hannes."  [Hannes is short for Johannes.]

How do you get around?:

"Frank and I drive to work on the weekdays. Of course, here in the village we like to walk to the grocery store, the bank, the post, and the church...and of course to the park. On the weekends, even in winter, we like to bike to Konstanz and Singen for ice cream."

What types of clothing do you like to wear?:

"Whenever possible, I like to wear dresses to my work office. Here at the house, I wear looser fitting dresses, skirts and blue jeans. My favorite clothing would have to be bright textiles with flower prints."