Traveler Bio

Grüß Sie (Greetings)! My name is Colton Ochsner (“ox-ner”), but you can call me Colton. 

My life began in a rural cattle ranching community in Oklahoma, where working with tractors, bulldozers and other equipment inspired my fascination with science and technology. In college at Oklahoma State University, I began studying architecture only to discover that my true passion lay in Germany’s history of science fiction and fantasy. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in European history, I went to the University of Missouri at Columbia where I met my wife Jenny. We have been married two years, and I am still working on my PhD in history. 

To my surprise, now at 29 years old, I have been awarded a Fulbright Research Grant to study Germanic science fiction and fantasy movies in the 1920s! Though this is not my first trip to Europe, it will certainly be the longest. It will be exciting to guide you across Germany, my new university town of Konstanz, archives from Berlin to Paris, and--most importantly--many unexpected stops and discoveries along the way.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon, and I can’t wait to learn about your own journeys in the course of the year!