Signing Off

Boracay, Philippines
11.967375300000, 121.924815000000
Journal Entry:

It’s amusing to me that I’m writing this final journal from somewhere in the Philippines when my Reach the World journey started by introducing you to my home country. Since the Philippines is only about a four hour plane ride away, I decided to take a mini-vacation from my busy semester in Seoul. I visited my hometown, Pampanga, to see my relatives for a bit and headed to one of my country’s famous beaches, Boracay. While visiting this beautiful island with its white powdered sand, clear blue and green waters, and the golden sunshine, I managed to do a little self-reflection. Thinking back to when I was around your age (more than ten years ago), I still vividly remember sitting in the classroom, looking up at the dull grey sky. It was just an ordinary day, but during that moment, I remember pondering what my life would be like in the future. I certainly did not foresee that I would move to America, nor that I would like South Korea and finish my senior year here. In fact, probably like you, I don’t think I even knew where South Korea was back then. But throughout the past ten years, amazing things have happened.