Traveler Bio

안녕하세요! (Hello! “An-nyeong-ha-se-yo”)

It’s nice to meet you all! I’m Chelsea. Raised in the Philippines, I moved to California back in 2011. In the Philippines, most people are Filipinos like me, but in the U.S., I was surprised at how different everyone is. Most people looked nothing like me, came from faraway places and spoke languages I had never heard of. This diversity is what made me interested in learning more about the world and the different people within it. 

One of my favorite countries is South Korea and I’ve always wanted to go here. When I heard about my school’s study abroad program, I did my very best to apply and prepare for it. It must be with all the effort that I devoted to my dream that I am now currently studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. Honestly, sometimes it still feels like a dream.  

South Korea is a beautiful and colorful country rich with culture, history, traditions, sceneries, and probably my favorite–food! So much good food! Let’s explore all of these together!