Traveler Bio

Kamusta?! Hello, how are you?! My name is Brooke Tubbs. I grew up in a small town right smack dab in the center of Michigan. Hold up your left hand, with your palm facing away from you, and point to the exact middle. That's my hometown, more or less. It's called St. Louis and it's known for its high school volleyball team and polluted river, thanks to the mishandling of chemical waste in the mid-1900s. I attended college a few miles away at Alma College, where I studied occupational therapy and Spanish. Twice I had the opportunity to travel to the Amazonian Jungle of Ecuador to study medicinal plants. I fell in love with traveling and advocating for people with disabilities, so when the opportunity to apply for a U.S. Fulbright Research Grant presented itself, I jumped on it. Blessed to receive the award, I am currently studying aspects of special education in Angeles City, Philippines. I am awed by the magnificence of the culture and the country and I can't wait to share it and grow with you all!