Brooke's Journey to the Philippines

Current Location

Angeles City Philippines

Hello! My name is Brooke Tubbs and I'm living in Angeles City, Philippines where I conduct research on special education practices. Join me in exploring this exciting culture and country!


A typical week in the Philippines is pretty different from a typical week in Michigan. From visiting beautiful nearby islands to making lumpia with my Filipina Lola, every day brings something new.


From epic coral reefs and amazing surf to green mountains and unique religious festivals, the Philippines has so much to offer. And my time here has instilled in me a new appreciation for travel!

Field Notes

From closing tourist beaches for clean-up to limiting the use of plastic bags, the Philippines has been actively working on solutions to prevent more plastic pollution, but there's a long way to go.


I went away with friends to Liwa, in the San Felipe region, for a relaxing beach trip. This sleepy beach town is known for its beautiful sunsets, which you can watch from one of many hammocks around!