The Dogs of Kathmandu


In every block of Kathmandu, there is usually a dog or two hanging out. Some have owners; many don't. They will take naps on sidewalks, walk around the markets and both fight and play with other dogs in the streets. Do you have a dog? What is his or her name? 

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The dogs in Kathmandu look like the dogs many of you have in your homes.

How did I feel when I saw it?:

When I was little, a street dog in Mexico chased me and almost bit me. Since then, I've been very scared of dogs, even those on leashes. When I first arrived in Nepal, it was really scary to walk around because there were so many dogs in the streets without owners or leashes. Sometimes they would follow me, and my heart would start beating really fast. Dog fights break out frequently in the streets, and I am still very afraid and try to move away as fast as possible. Overall, though, dogs keep to themselves. Knowing that, I am able to walk around with a little bit less fear. 

Where does it live?:

Some people keep dogs as guards; those ones live in people's yards. There are also many street dogs that don't have owners, so they just live in the streets and sleep at temples or in parks.