Dalbhaat: A Traditional Nepali Meal


The main component of Nepali meals is dalbhaat (rice and lentil soup). Dalbhaat is usually accompanied by vegetables like potatoes or greens. Meat is not in every meal, but if there is meat it will usually be either chicken or goat. Spices are a big part of Nepali food. The main spices in Nepali food are masala, turmeric, ginger, chili powder, cloves and cumin. All of the spices used make all the meals very tasty! Also, Nepali food is usually eaten with the hands, without utensils. At first eating with my hands felt a little strange, but now I've mastered the skill. I think maybe it even makes the food tastier!

What food did I try?:

My meals at home usually consists of rice accompanied by vegetables. One of my favorite meals that my host mom makes is a flat round bread called roti that is usually cooked on a griddle. She puts spices and green chilli inside in the dough and then cooks it until it puffs up. It is really delicious with some garbanzo beans! I also frequently eat momos, dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

The first week I was in Nepal, I started to have allergic reactions in the form of hives. After doing some blood tests, I figured out that I was allergic to lentils.