A Look into the Life of My Friend Sudin


I arrived in Pokhara for my research project and met Sudin through a friend. He is 23 years old and studies mountaineering—that is, mountain climbing. After we enjoyed a meal together, we sat down and talked a little bit about his life. He is very energetic and fun! He provided all of the pictures here, except for the selfie. They are proof of the amazing photographer he is.

What is your full name?:

Sudin Adhikari

Where do you live? What is your house like?:

I study in Pokhara, but I live in a countryside village by the name of Lahachok. My house is traditional, made of stone and mud. Around my house there are a lot of farms. I have a buffalo that is used for milk.

What is your family like?:

They are supportive, and they want to see me as a great man. My family really wants me to become someone great in the future. 

How do you get around?:

Before, I used to walk or use the local bus. Now, I have a personal motorbike. I feel a little bit lazy sometimes because now that I have the bike, I'll take it even if the destination is very close. 

What types of clothing do you like to wear?:

I like wearing traditional Nepalese clothing, but because Nepal is becoming very modern I wear jeans and jackets.