Amman, Jordan
31.953949400000, 35.910635000000
Journal Entry:

This entire journey has been absolutely wonderful because I was given the chance to share some of my most memorable experiences in Jordan with some of the most amazing individuals: you! I have been able to explore some memories I pushed to the back of my mind and was able to fully reflect on my time abroad. Even though my time in Amman, Jordan was cut short due to COVID-19, being able to share my time there with you all has made it worth it! 

I let you all know a little bit more about the culture in Jordan and the different perspectives along with the varying community needs across the country. It's been an absolutely wonderful time because I love sharing about Jordan and my time living there with other people, and I hope you all enjoyed hearing about it! I hope my own expereinces abroad will inspire you all to consider traveling abroad in the future! There are so many opportunities available that allow all people, regardless of income, to travel or study abroad. Without help from the Gilman Scholarship (a scholarship offered by the State Department), I would not have been able to travel to Jordan. I encourage all of you to research different opportunities that would allow you to travel abroad because it is the most amazing experience, and I hope that you will all be able to experience it one day!