Traveler Bio

Salaam! Hello! My name is Zahyyeh Abu-Rubieh (pronounced Za-he-ya), but you can also call me Z. I am 21 years old, a student at Cornell University in upstate New York, and I am studying biology and Arabic. I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts, so I am a very big Patriots and Celtics fan. I also love to bake and enjoy trying new recipes, but my favorite thing to bake is a classic chocolate chip cookie.

At school, I take a mix of classes ranging from general biology to Middle Eastern history. I am currently earning a minor in Arabic and love practicing Arabic any time I can. I went to Jordan in the spring of my junior year in order to practice my Arabic in a more immersive way. I got the chance to work on my Arabic proficiency and also got to try delicious, new foods, meet local Jordanians, and learn a lot about the beauty of Jordanian culture and customs. I am super excited to share all of my experiences with you guys and see you all progress throughout the school year!

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