Wellington Environment


Wellington is a city built in a unique environment. You can go for a swim by the coast, walk along the hill in a bush walk, go for a drive along the northern reaches of the city or dine in at the many restaurants in the central capital. Local residents welcome visitors and their neighbors. They share their culture and strategies for adapting to the changing environment. Kiwis are happy to help tourists get around their city and explore all aspects.

What makes this environment special or different?:

In any part of a Wellington neighborhood you are never more than 15 minutes from the bay. Wellington boasts more cafés, bars and restaurants per capita than New York City. There is farmland to the north and ocean to the south, providing a wide range of landscapes and many styles of living. The city also features regional wines and a distinct café culture. Wellington is a richly cultural spot, too – it’s the center of New Zealand’s film industry, has a complex history, great galleries, live music, world-class education and healthcare and a population of friendly, outdoorsy, environmentally-conscious people.

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Wellington has all the luxuries of a big city in a compact space.