Farewell Message

Journal Entry:

As of today, I have lived in Wellington for a little over three months. I have studied, made friends, explored and experienced the Māori culture. Although I did not initially choose Wellington as my place of study, I do not regret my choice to study in New Zealand. I first entered Wellington, New Zealand with hesitation because I had to start over and learn about a different country than I had been expecting to experience. I did not know much about New Zealand or Kiwis when I arrived, and so I made the decision to educate myself. I explored the city and went to muesums to learn about the history and cultures of the islands. I was welcomed by the generosity of Kiwis and the new international friends I have made since studying at Victoria University. I learned about ideas and topics in sociology, anthropology and Spanish.

New Zealand is a beautiful country with so much natural beauty, diverse cultural opportunities and kindness. I would not have had the opportunity to live and study in this country without the help of the Study Abroad program back at my home university. I encourage all of you to research such programs during college and take the opportunity that fits their goals. Studying abroad opens up your lives and gives you the chance to meet new people, explore new ideas and share experiences. Thank you for following my journey. I hope you learned a lot about the Wellington lifestyle.