Multiculturalism in My Community


Teriyaki is a very common Japanese cooking ingredient that we can find in every grocery store, and it is a simple sign of how multicultural our own country is without even realizing it!
Like teriyaki, panko bread crumbs are a very common Japanese ingredient that many of us use in our daily lives
Even local food chains such as Shake Shack are representing different cultures by mixing up their menu; this is their Korean-style burger and shake (Google Images)
The local Asian supermarket in my town is extremely popular and holds many items of many different countries and cultures so you can have a taste of the world in one shop (Google Images)
A local Asian-owned bubble tea business a few minutes walk away from my apartment... I come here a little too often!
A Korean-owned fast food chain across the street from Kung Fu Tea that focuses on a Korean dish called "bibimbap," a meat and veggie rice bowl
Another great way to expose yourself to different cultures is by ordering a food box; this one is straight from Tokyo and has many different treats that I have never found anywhere else!
Pocky is in every grocery store these days and is many people’s first taste of Japan... I love how popular it has become, opening up a different culture of snacks!