A Cafe in Rome

Rome, Italy
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Journal Entry:

I’m a bit of a coffee addict. I love every kind, from lattes to cappuccinos to espresso. In addition to the drink itself, I love the atmosphere of cafes. At home in the U.S., I enjoy sitting in a coffee shop for hours, doing homework and people watching. When preparing for my trip to Rome, I found out that coffee and cafes are a big part of Italian culture. You can imagine my excitement! However, when I ventured into my first cafe, it was nothing like I imagined. 

In Rome, there is a different price for drinks if you want to sit at a table. If you don’t pay the extra fee, you simply stand at the bar where you order and have your drink there. Customers move in and out of the cafe quickly, finishing their morning cappuccino in just a few gulps. 

Even if you do pay the sitting fee, Italian caffè (coffee) culture is still different from an American coffee shop. While lounging in your seat for as long as you please is encouraged, that luxury comes with a rule. Work is highly discouraged in food places. Culturally, food is very important in Italy. Working in a cafe is seen as disturbing the atmosphere. 

At first, I was really disappointed. I thought going to cafes in Rome would be like having a piece of home while away from home.