May's Journey to Italy

Current Location

Palermo, Italy

Hi, I'm May, and this summer, I am traveling to Rome, Italy to learn Italian! While there, I’m also learning about the culture and the history of Rome and it’s people. I'm happy to have you join me!


Do you want to know what I did during my first week in Rome? Read on and find out what happened!


I lovecoffee and I was super excited to go to my first Italian coffee shop. However, when I got there, it was a lot different than I expected.

Field Notes

Just like gangs pose problems in many communities across the U.S., young people in Palermo, Italy can be tempted to join the mafia because it's all that they know. Let's go to Sicily to learn more. 


While in Palermo, my classmates and I worked with a church that runs a lot of after school/summer programs for the local community. Let's meet them!