Kalady's Journey to India

Current Location

Old Delhi, Delhi

Hi! I'm Kalady Osowski, a researcher studying the black market of art in Delhi, India. My work requires a little bravery and a lot of curiosity, so pack your thinking-cap and let's go!


In 2017, I studied in Varanasi, India. I missed my host family so much that I decided to return for a visit during my current trip! It's great to re-live my old life as I begin my new one in Delhi.


Moving isn't just about new houses: it's also about making new friends and trying new things--all of which can be scary but also OK, as doing new things helps you grow and learn. as I am finding out! 

Field Notes

You know what they say: monkey see, monkey do! What do you think the monkeys of Delhi have been up to this week? Hint: they have driven me bananas!


Happy Diwali! That's the Festival of Lights, one of the biggest holidays in India. People usually celebrate with candles, sweets and fireworks, but I decided to go to Uttarakhand to hike. Join me!