Chao Pescao: It's Time to Say Goodbye

Valparaíso, Chile
-33.047238000000, -71.612688500000
Journal Entry:

"Chao Pescao" is the Chilean way of saying "See you later, alligator." It translates roughly to "Goodbye, fish" in English, which doesn't quite have the same rhyme/rhythm as it does in Spanish. I love using it here since it never fails to get people to smile as it's something from everyone's childhood. Unfortunately, it is time for Izzy and me to say "Chao Pescao" to you all. It has been so much fun sharing with you all our adventures here in Chile. It was even more fun for those of you we got to meet in person over a video chat. Thank you all for your great questions! 

Izzy and I are staying here in Chile for another six months or so. I wish we could keep sharing with you but it's time for you to move on to your next adventure. I hope that each of you thinks about traveling to another country to learn about different cultures and different places. I know that this trip has changed Izzy and my lives already. If you don't have the opportunity to travel, make sure you meet all the people from different cultures who live right next to you in the US. We are all a little different and that is a beautiful thing. Thank you, everyone!