Kai and Izzy's Journey to Chile

Current Location

Valparaíso, Chile

Welcome to Chile, a land of never-ending coasts and soaring mountains. Follow our adventure living in the lovely coastal city of Valparaíso and experiencing a taste of the Chilean life.


This our first logbook for your reading enjoyment! Here we talk about how this week has gone for us in the lovely Valparaíso.  


Unfortunately, the time has come for us to say goodbye. It's been so much fun sharing our experiences here in Chile. I hope we cross paths in the future. Go out there and travel!

Field Notes

We Tripantu is a celebration across Chile of the Mapuche and other indigenous cultures of the area. In this post we explore a parade in Valparaíso celebrating the Mapuche New Year. 


Want to see some exciting videos of We Tripantu (Mapuche New Years) in full swing? Try not to dance to these rhythms!