Traveler Bio

Hi friends! My name is Jeffrey Thiele, and I hail from the lands of the Midwest, specifically from Midland, Michigan. My background and interests are wide and varied, ranging from enthusiasm in specialty coffee, to the intricacies of the United Kingdom's jazz scene, to studying how to ensure that everyone on this earth can thrive and be happy. I'm an engineer by trade, but then went on to get a master's degree in philosophy in London for a year. From there, I was lucky enough to be offered a Fulbright grant to study human rights and healthcare access in El Salvador.

I research some pretty heavy topics, so outside of my working day, I enjoy playing music! I'm a saxophonist and have managed to find my way into three bands here, so I keep busy with rehearsals, performances, and gigs in various areas of the country. As such, you'll be hearing a lot about my experience with Salvadoran culture via my time in these bands. Other than that, I like to go visit other areas of the country, be it the mountains to go camping, or the beach to relax for the day. El Salvador, although a very tiny country, has an incredibly rich and vibrant culture, so there's much to learn about. Let's go!