Jeffrey's Journey to El Salvador

Current Location

San Salvador, El Salvador

Hello! My name is Jeffrey, and I'm from Midland, Michigan. Right now I'm studying human rights and healthcare in El Salvador, and I'm excited to have you along for the ride. Let's explore together!


This week was full of music and high temperatures! One highlight was completing a dream of mine, playing a solo concert in a place with a rich but sad history, La Iglesia el Rosario.


This is my last article! Aside from wishing you all a fond goodbye, I've included some more questions and challenges for you to complete. Read on to see what they are!

Field Notes

Many know the Cadejo to be a legendary beast that visits people at night. This article will teach us about where the legend of the Cadejo comes from and how it has lived on in Salvadoran culture.


Take a little look into the only children's museum in El Salvador! It aims to teach kids about their culture in a fun and interactive way, incorporating topics from nature to grocery stores.