Exploring Tübingen


Seeing the city church from new angles is always a refreshing sight!
Goethe, one of the most famous German authors, once visited and unfortunately is commemorated by this spot where he "allegedly" had stomach troubles
These docks along Lake Constance were once the homes of some of the earliest Germans, using fishing as one of their main sources of food!
Public arts are always expanding in Tübingen, from new exhibits in the city museum to these art features set up among nature
Exploring Tübingen is a lot of work; Willi is my favorite spot to plop down and get a Cappuccino
Stars guiding Santa across the country are found all over the city, with there being even a few in our own kitchen!
Döner is the most popular streetfood in Tüb, and they're similar to a gyro in the United States!
A cute Tübingen alley showing one of my favorite spots to go thrifting