Traveler Bio

Guten Tag! Good day! My name is James Coakley. I'm a junior at Hamilton College, and this year I'll be studying abroad in Tübingen, Germany. I've wanted to come to Europe since I started taking German in high school and began to get to know an incredibly rich and historic culture which continues to stun me every day. 

I am originally from a neighborhood in Boston south of the city center called Roslindale. One of the main reasons I chose Hamilton was the outdoors. The forests around campus are some of my favorite places to explore whenever I'm not working in the admissions office or helping to manage the funds of my fraternity. 

Growing up as a first-generation student, there were a lot of times I did not see study abroad or even college as a possibility for me, and had no idea where to start. What it came down to was an amazing support system of peers and faculty who helped me make it to Hamilton and now Germany. I'm hoping to continue studying literature and poetry to learn more about German culture, and began looking at the history of migration in the country to compare to the United States' attitudes towards refugees. 

I am so excited to share my travels and I encourage you to ask as many questions as possible!