Isabel's Journey to Kosovo

Current Location

Kamenica, Kosovo

Tung! Hello! My name is Isabel and I am an English teacher living in Peja, Kosovo. Did you know Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe? Let's explore together!


After a journey of more than 5,000 miles, I made it to Pristina, Kosovo! I'm so happy to finally be here, and I want to begin by sharing some details about my arrival and first week in the capital.


Let's explore the ways that I've been integrating into my community. Learning the language is important, and thankfully the young population in Kosovo is very active and always creating events.

Field Notes

I recently went for a great hike in Kamenica, Kosovo. Along the way, I saw many, many apples tree, as well as many, many wasps. Let me show you the beauty of eastern Kosovo!


This album is full of graffiti I have found in Kosovo (including one picture from Macedonia). What do you think about the public art and messages people have left behind?