Isabel's Journey to Kosovo

Current Location

Prishtina, Kosovo

Tung! Hello! My name is Isabel and I am an English teacher living in Peja, Kosovo. Did you know Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe? Let's explore together!


At the beginning of October, I went to Skopje, Macedonia for the weekend! How did my weekend in Skopje compare to living in Prishtina? Even though the cities are close, a lot was different.


Want to know how to say "goodbye" in Albanian? It's hard to believe, but the time has come to move on to other adventures. This has been such a meaningful connection!

Field Notes

Let's investigate Kosovo's environment: how it is unique, how it nourishes people, the major challenges, and changes that took place after the war.


This is a video featuring some of my high school students that I volunteer with. Get to know them and their lives in Kosovo through the questions I ask!