Isabelle's Journey to East Timor

Current Location

Maubara, Timor Leste

Bemvindu (Welcome)! My name is Isabelle, and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer working in education! Follow along with me as I teach in sunny Maubara, Timor Leste!


This week, I traveled to Dili to participate in a training event for Peace Corps volunteers. Dili is the largest city and the capital of Timor Leste so there is lots more to do there than in Maubara.


Thank you for joining me on my journey. This may be the end of our travels together, but it can also be the beginning of your journey to explore the world.

Field Notes

This week, I interviewed one of my seventh-grade students Febrizia about her life as a kid in Timor.


Check out what homes, schools and communities are like in Timor Leste. How do they compare to where you live? How does our environment affect the way we build things and live daily life?