Jordan's Environment


There is no question that Amman is a beautiful city. However, I had a few questions about how people here are able to deal with the environmental struggles that come with being in the Middle East (or, a new title, South West Asia). While there are problems that residents encounter, people have long been able to thrive in Jordan and make Amman a city they can live in.

What makes this environment special or different?:

As I was told by my school, Amman was built on seven hills. This makes the city extremely rugged with abrupt changes in elevation. For intstance, two streets that are next to each other might not have a road connectingnthem because the elevation difference is too great. To solve this problem (for walkers, at least), in many parts of the city, there are staircases because of the elevation difference between the streets. In trendier areas of Amman, these staircases are used as a way to showcase art, with many artists painting in stairwells or on the steps themselves.

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Although the steep hills that exist throughout Amman, make it hard to build roads, the many staircases connect neighborhoods very well.