This is Not Goodbye

Amman, Jordan
Journal Entry:

It feels odd to be writing a farewell journal to a country that I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. When I still had four months left in Jordan, I made it a goal to explore the city and its people to the best of my ability. I had to let go of fears of embarrassment that I had of not knowing the country or the language well enough. Honestly, even after four months of being in Jordan, these fears are still hard to let go. However, I know that I am here to learn and absorb the information around me, not to prove anything to anybody. 

I made the most of my time pre-quarantine in Jordan by going out with my friends, spending nights out getting knafeh and just generally tagging along for whatever adventure seemed available at the time. Reminiscing on the times that I was able to roam the city doesn’t make me sad because I know that I am having new adventures, even if they are under quarantine and curfew. However, my favorite times were going to the Temple of Hercules with my flatmate, making friends with locals here randomly on rooftops, and the long taxi rides that I never appreciated until I couldn’t be in them anymore. Walking into the study center every day and seeing my favorite classmates or my bubbly professors was always a joy, as was spending all day there and walking around to grab lunch at the nearest shop.