Transportation in Florence


When we think of taking a trip, even to the store, we usually choose the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to get there. For example, if you were planning to a trip to New York,would you walk? This may sound like a silly question because you know that walking would not be the best way to get there. Chances are you would probably take a car, bus, train or airplane instead. Our preferred mode of transportation depends on our environment. For instance, if you lived on an island like Hawaii, a car or boat might be the best way to get around. In a busy city like New York, a train or bus may be a better mode of transportation. What do you think the best mode of transportation would be in a small city like Florence?

How do people get around?:

Since Florence is a small city with narrow, crowded streets, most of the people who live there walk, ride bikes or take public transportation such as trains or buses to get around. Italians also drive cars but not as often as Americans. Those who drive in Florence, usually have small cars or motorcycles because there is a lot of traffic, and it can be difficult to find parking.

All of mainland Italy is connected by trains, especially the large metropolitan cities like Rome, Milan and Bologna (pronounced bah-lone-yah, not bill-own-ee like the lunch meat!).