Cape Town, South Africa
-33.924868500000, 18.424055300000
Journal Entry:

The very last place on my journey, which was cut short due to Covid-19, was Cape Town, South Africa. I stayed for a total of 27 hours before boarding my flight to return home. On that last day, I spent time with a group of 10 friends who had become more like family over our two-month voyage. Although I'd just visited Mauritius (an East African island nation, I was extremely excited to travel to South Africa – to be on the continent of Africa, the motherland: it's the birthplace of the human race. 

When I arrived in South Africa, I checked into an air b&b with friends, and we split into groups. One group went to get their hair styled, and the other (my group) went to the V&A (Victoria & Alfred) Waterfront in Cape Town. It had a large mall and other shops and activities for tourists. I was intent on finding souvenirs to bring back home. Since I collect elephants, I couldn't leave without adding one to my collection. I'd already bought at least one in each of the other countries I visited prior. I found my elephants, and experienced a taste of traditional African music while exploring the V&A Waterfront. A trope of African dancers and drummers were performing in front of the waterfront.