A Little About Me and My Work in Costa Rica!

Tronadora, Costa Rica
10.501122100000, -84.922562300000
Journal Entry:

Hi, everybody!  As you probably already know, my name is Camden, and I'm a volunteer working with the United States Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is a federal organization that sends volunteers (like me) all over the world to work with and learn from small communities. Through the Peace Corps, I ended up working in a tiny town in Costa Rica called Tronadora. What's really interesting about Tronadora is the fact that the whole town, and everyone living there, was relocated around 40 years ago when the government started constructing a hydroelectric dam. The dam flooded the valley where Tronadora was originally located, so everyone was forced to move further up the valley's slopes. Today, what looks like a natural lake is actually just a man-made resevoir, and with proper scuba gear, you can visit the old town, submerged deep in the lake's murky depths!

Tronadora is a farming community, so there are a lot of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. Even if I wanted to sleep in, the local roosters make sure that's not an option. My time in Tronadora has given me a newfound appreciation for the food I eat and where it comes from. You'd be surprised how much work it takes to get beef or pork on your dinner table!