Farewell: Where Will We Go Next?!

Tronadora, Costa Rica
10.501122100000, -84.922562300000
Journal Entry:

With the school year coming to a close, you might be thinking about what's coming next, or maybe not! For many of you, the approach of summer likely means time with family, time outdoors and, if you're lucky, time spent travelling. If you're going somewhere, whether you're visiting elsewhere in Connecticut or traveling to a new state or country, make sure you're making the most of it. Think about what's new and different wherever you are and use that knowledge to give a little context to the place from which you come. If you're not travelling this summer, use the time to get to know your home even better. What's always mystified or confused you about the place where you live? What have you always wanted to do? Do it. 

Ever since arriving in Tronadora, I've relied incredibly heavily on those people who understand the town, its history, its cultural quirks and its secrets. These are people who have spent their entire lives living and working in a community that they've seen shift and change year after year. However, a lot of the people who have helped me feel at home in Tronadora talk about dreams of leaving, to travel and live abroad. Knowing and loving a place can only go as far as your understanding of the rest of the world.