Costa Rican Cuisine, and What Makes it Special


Food is a big part of life in Costa Rica. Each and every meal presents an opportunity to sit down with friends, family, or strangers and share a moment to talk and reflect. Cooking a meal for others is a way to express gratitude and get to know someone better. Meals here are more than just a means to sate (or satisfy) your hunger; they're a social activity, and they are never skipped, no matter the circumstances.

If you remember, Tronadora is a tiny community surrounded by pastures and farm animals. We call it the campo, or "countryside" in English, and out here, there aren't any big supermarkets where you can go and buy food. Instead, you have to figure out who grows and sells vegetables in town, who has the best pork, and who's making cheese today. There are small corner-stores called pulperias that sell the basics, such as tortillas, rice, beans and snacks, but apart from that, buying groceries can be a lengthy process.

In this note, I'll share some fun food stories and let you know about some dishes that you'll only find here in Costa Rica!

What food did I try?:

Every day in Tronadora feels like a new a culinary adventure. Since arriving here, I've been lucky enough to sample a wide variety of the traditional dishes that define the region's food culture.