Farewell From Poland

Chełm Poland
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Journal Entry:

These past three months have been an incredible experience as I have gotten to know my home until June 30, and it has been a pleasure to share that journey with all of you. As I have learned more about the culture and traveled across the country, I have learned a lot about what it means to live in the global community. I have experienced a lot of difficult experiences as well as incredible ones and made amazing friends along the way.

Last weekend, I was able to travel to Warszawa to celebrate Thanksgiving with the other Fulbrighters in Poland. This was a chance to catch up with other Americans, celebrate the holiday and eat some yummy food together. The Fulbright program even provided us with turkey! It also gave us a chance to reflect on our time so far and what we have found difficult in our separate cities. Many people talked about feeling isolated in small towns with people that know very little English. While I have experienced this at times, I have also come to realize how much support I have at home, with the students and teachers at my University, and with my friends. It is important when traveling abroad to recognize who can help you when you feel lonely or homesick.

This weekend, I fought homesickness with a few Americans in Bialystok, a larger city in northeastern Poland.