Recognizing Different Perspectives

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Journal Entry:

Human beings are connected by our shared desires to be healthy, succeed, and take care of ourselves and our families. In different parts of the world, the human culture can be different - even though we all share these same goals! The cultural I am experiencing in Brazil has many similarities to the U.S., but many differences, too.

One main aspect of the culture here is the attitude about time. Brazilians take their time with major life events. Whether it's going to college, starting careers, getting married, or more, Brazilian society is not rushed. This applies to everyday life in Brazil. It can be frustrating to me when a Brazilian friend shows up an hour later than we discussed. However, that is just part of Brazilian culture. From the perspective of most Brazilians, showing up early, or on time, can be rude and imply impatience. 

The part of Brazil that I live in is considered to be a more conservative part of the country. Personally, I disagree with what many people here believe in politically. However, my job is only to learn and ask questions. Everyone's perspective is based on many different factors. All we can do is understand those factors. 

It seems to me that the Brazilians I have met are much more open with their feelings than Americans are.