Azizamosi's Journey to Ireland

Current Location

Dublin, Ireland

Fáilte! Hello! I'm Azizamosi, but you can just call me Aziza (Uh-zee-za)! I am studying business at University College Dublin and I am excited to experience Ireland's beauty and culture with you!


This week was super eventful, as I not only had the opportunity to explore University College Dublin and Dublin City, but Northern Ireland as well! I'm excited to introduce you to this island nation.


During my time in Ireland, I had the chance to explore different cities, landscapes, and even other countries! I had such a great time sharing my experiences with you all and I hope you learned a lot!

Field Notes

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is growing into a major global city. However, as a result, the cost of living has increased tremendously, so many people cannot afford to live in Dublin. 


Last week I went on a week-long trip to Belgium to learn about the European Parliament, the European Commission, and The Council of EU. I visited Brussels, Leuven, and Bruges.