Azizamosi's Journey to Ireland

Current Location

Galway, Ireland

Fáilte! Hello! I'm Azizamosi, but you can just call me Aziza (Uh-zee-za)! I am studying business at University College Dublin and I am excited to experience Ireland's beauty and culture with you!


This week was super eventful, as I not only had the opportunity to explore University College Dublin and Dublin City, but Northern Ireland as well! I'm excited to introduce you to this island nation.


Galway is a beautiful coastal town in western Ireland about four hours (by bus) away from my university in Dublin. Let's see what's happening on the other side of the island!

Field Notes

The Claddagh ring, also known as the Irish ring, has become a symbol of Irish identity. During a recent trip to Galway, I learned all about this tradition in the place where it began!


Howth is a small fishing village within Dublin County that is a little over 40 minutes from Dublin city center by DART. On Saturday, my friends and I did some exploring!