Bolivia’s Festive Tinku Dance Tradition


The Festive Tinku is a Bolivian cultural dance, which depicts the indigenous Aymara and Quechua traditions of Tinku—a form of ritualistic combat used to honor Pachamama (Mother Nature). In the Aymara language, tinku means physical attack. In Quechua, tinku means encounter.

Angélica is a local volunteer here at Up Close Bolivia, who hopes to become an English teacher someday. Angélica helps Josh and I plan our lessons for the after-school English Club in Jupapina. Outside of English class, Angélica loves to dance the Festive Tinku.

Josh and I have quickly come to realize that not only is Angélica a wonderful teaching assistant, but she is also an amazing dancer! Since we arrived in Bolivia, Angélica has performed the Festive Tinku at a major cultural parade in downtown La Paz and at a small flower festival in Mallasa, just down the road from our volunteer house at Up Close Bolivia. We were lucky enough to see her and this fascinating dance tradition in action!

What tradition did I learn about?:

With the help of Angélica, Josh and I have learned a lot about Festive Tinku dancing.