Our Young Explorers' First Trip to the Arctic

Tromsø, Norway
69.649208068848, 18.955324172974
Journal Entry:

We learn that modern-day exploration means many things to many people. It also means that modern-day explorers travel to many different destinations, including over land, on and below oceans and even into outer space! We also learn that asking questions and being curious are the heart of becoming a young explorer.

Inspired by many scientists, explorers and artists, we wanted to take on the challenge of learning about a completely new, different place. Specifically, we wanted to learn more about the North Pole. While traveling there, we will meet some of the people who live in the Arctic, see the unique wildlife and oceans, all while sharing everything with you!

We have never lived or visited extremely cold places so we decided to visit the Arctic Circle during the past winter break to test things out. We landed in Oslo Lufthavn (Oslo's main airport) in Norway and then flew to Tromsø to make our first stop into the Arctic. We knew that we were in the right place when Santa Claus greeted us outside the airport!

We were very hungry and as soon as we checked in, we went to the lounge for some snacks. The hotel was cozy and inviting, which made us feel right at home after such a long trip. We even got to cook our own pancakes!