Veronica's Journey to Panama

Current Location

Panama City, Panama

Hey! My name is Veronica Buczak and I'm a current Peace Corps volunteer in Macaracas, Panama. I'm excited to share my journey with you all. Dale pues (Ok then), let's go!


This week was super fun! I visited the province's capital to meet up with a friend, visited a finca and traveled to a neighboring province. What did my day-to-day activities look like this week?


On May 22nd, I headed back to the U.S. to visit my family, and it was the first time I'd been back in almost a year. Will I experience any reverse culture shock? All in all, I'm so happy to be back!

Field Notes

In Macaracas, there is an incredible number of wild dogs and cats. This week I explored with my host brother to learn more about the feral cats and why there are so many.


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