Vasken's Journey to Guatemala

Current Location

Antigua, Guatemala

Hola! Hello! Come join me on my journey in colorful Guatemala. We will learn about the way Guatemalan people live, work, eat and celebrate. We will also learn about Guatemalan history!


This week I explored the rural town of Rabinal during the Corpus Christi religious holiday, and visited Guatemala City (the capital) for a court hearing and ceremony for Maya Achí women from Rabinal.


My journey in Guatemala brought many challenges but also life lessons! Whether it was having the patience to fix my old car, or letting go of the pressure to be perfect, Guatemala helped me grow!

Field Notes

Antigua is famous for its annual Holy Week festival! With colorful carpets, artistic shrines, and crowds of onlookers, the festival is a window into Guatemalan history, religion and nature!


A theatrical performance in Rabinal displayed Mayan culture and history. The performers also addressed the problem of violence against women. The symbols and messages in this show were very powerful!